Turtle Creek Casino

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Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel utilizes a unique precast truss system that has been used only on a handful of construction projects in the United States to date. The truss system reduces column penetrations and provides column free space on alternating floors. The Turtle Creek project consisted of 14 precast trusses, 34 precast columns, 39 precast beams, 78,900sf of hollowcore and 21,000sf of solid precast panels for stair and elevator shafts.

The building was originally designed as a poured in place building, however, when precast was presented as an alternative, it was quickly realized that time and money could be saved. By using precast, the other and contractor were able to reduce over 4 months of construction time. Precast was able to begin erecting in winter conditions when poured in place would have had to wait until much later.

“By fabricating the structure off site, it gave us more time to design and install the foundation prior to starting the vertical structure. Also, since we would have been pouring concrete vertically in the middle of winter, it adds to the cost of concrete and precast ended up being more economical.”
Bart Bodway , PCL Construction

Precast Products Used: